People go to great lengths to have their name remembered, working non-stop to leave a legacy. They erect buildings emblazoned with their names, or give millions to philanthropy. Yet, it is the life of unusual sacrifice that is universally admired. Enduring applause belongs to those who forfeit fame and fortune in deference to a great cause.

A Name Forgotten challenges our perpetual sacrifice to gods of sensuality and prosperity. Broken hearts of the hero and his teenaged daughter, essentially forgotten today, will arouse deepest emotions and expose hidden motives.

Traditional views of a misunderstood character are confronted, ending with a finale that shocks the hero himself. Heart lessons abound. Subtle hints are analyzed. Historical and geographical allusions make details come alive. Some discover a new friend. Others find the heart to forgive this obscure hero for the first time. Your impressions of Jephthah and his long lost daughter will never be the same.

Find out how a bank robber confessed but never went to jail, why a songwriter sacrificed his dreams of fame, and what happened when a fourteen-count felon vowed to tell the truth in court.

There is still hope when choices appear imminently disastrous. Aspirations prevail though promises seem impossible to keep. And, even as you slog through the fog of interminable duty, you can endure!

A Name Forgotten by C.T.L. Spear is scheduled for release in fall 2015 by Heritage Builders Publishing, Clovis & Monterey, California. Watch for it!