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Headed east out of Canada in cold weather, traffic was heavy, and I fell in behind a semi-trailer truck, with vehicles vying for position in lanes on both sides. Suddenly, a hunk of ice came bouncing toward us. It may have fallen from the truck or another vehicle ahead of us. There was no way to avoid hitting it (or being hit by it) without side-swiping another car in a parallel lane.

The ice block probably measured about 10”x10”x20” – a rather large obstacle. I did not want to hit it dead center with my radiator, the engine oil pan, or the transmission, so I swerved slightly left, staying in my lane. It broke the fiberglass faux-bumper, taking out a section of the bumper and protective shield, and passing underneath just inside the front wheel and tire. We heard and felt the bump and crunch as we sailed over it.

I pulled off into the breakdown lane as soon as possible to see how much damage was done. Amazingly, we were not losing any coolant or oil. However, though the the contact appeared to be limited to the right side of the car, the entire left turn signal unit had popped out. It had to be replaced later with a recycled part from a salvage yard. Using some bungee cords from the trunk, I wired up the damaged parts so they wouldn’t drag or interfere with moving parts, and we continued our trip.

Another dangerous situation survived!

The Lord has protected us from many potentially disastrous collisions, and provided repairs in a hundred impossible situations. We’ve often commented about the high risk duty our guardian angels have given us.

Travel by automobile has been a main feature of our lifestyle for five decades, covering about 2.5 million miles as we criss-crossed the United States in cars or pickup trucks, sometimes pulling travel trailers. By far, the majority of churches gave us a lump-sum love offering, without consideration for travel expense, wear and tear, or replacement costs. Still, He is our Provider and Protector.

Talking to Atheists

A friend wrote to me about arrogant Atheists constantly baiting him to argue, but having no sincere interest in the Truth. In 1681, Thomas Watson wrote about God’s point of view of believers during Malachi’s era, 300+ years before the birth of Christ (Mal. 3:16-17): “The Lord was much taken with the holy conferences and dialogues of these saints . . . When others were inveighing against the Deity, that there should be a parcel of holy souls speaking of glory, and the life to come, their words were music in God’s ears.” – (The Great Gain of Godliness by Thomas Watson, p.7, Banner of Truth edition, 2006)
Let us use every means at our disposal to do as they did.

Spiders, Bees, Mosquitoes & Fleas!


Spiders, Bees, Mosquitoes & Fleas


During times of famine, grasshoppers or locusts destroy crops, resulting in food shortages. Bible prophecy predicts such invasions of pests. Thankfully, we have never endured such a severe testing. However, among the adversities encountered along the path of ministry, we could include insects.


Once, our family was housed in an abandoned old house for a week of Bible camp. The place was infested with Granddaddy longlegs spiders. They seemed to be everywhere, especially when we tried sleep at night. At another camp, Dayna jumped on a trampoline, but her joy turned to sorrow when a bee stung her foot! We camped in our travel trailer more than once in the epicenter of Mosquitoland. One place we stayed, the dogs had fleas. By the end of the week, we had them too. Just thinking about it makes my ears and hair itch.


Recently, Sharen was weeding the St. Augustine grass in our lawn. Enjoying the freedom of outdoor life, she was barefoot. Before long, she was attacked by scores of ants, causing an allergic respiratory reaction. Ryan, our son-in-law, rushed her to a clinic where they warned her to keep benedryl handy due to the danger of a fatal reaction in the future. Amazingly, she was ant-bit again a short time later, but had no difficulty breathing.


Psalm 91:5-10 says, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday… but it shall not come nigh thee… because thou hast made the Lord… thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” (20.11.06)