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U.S. Air Force Retirement

Major Douglas James Pietersma

May 22, 2015

Cheyenne, Wyoming


Lord of Hosts, Mighty God, unconquerable but merciful Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace, we bow acknowledging that You alone are our Creator, Sustainer, Provider, Savior and Protector.

Thank You for the abundance and liberty we enjoy. Thank You for the deliverances You have granted us when all hope had vanished at Valley Forge and in wars fought in every generation since our ancestors bravely launched this amazing American experiment. We continue to plead for Heaven’s endorsement upon our land, despite our faltering faith, frequent sins, and wicked pride. Too often, we forget that You created us with abilities and faculties, like sight and hearing, which our best technology cannot duplicate, but without which we would be reduced to abject dependency.

We are gathered today to honor the tenacity, character, and accomplishments of one of our warriors – a brave who outstripped his peers and advanced steadily to the esteemed rank of a chieftain. Thank You that long ago he humbly accepted the gift of forgiveness and Eternal Life, provided freely by Your payment of his sins’ penalty by Your blood sacrifice on the cross.

May today’s event fade into obscurity as he launches upon new adventures, fulfilling Your Divine plan. As he soars like a falcon to greater heights, give him supernatural lift and thrust, to attain and perform exploits and set new records of excellence in his chosen pursuits, so that generations to come will refer to the benchmark of his legacy as both a challenge to be sought after, and a foundation upon which to build.

Please Lord, continue and increase Your matchless blessings upon Major Douglas James Pietersma, his dear wife, their children and progeny until our Lord Jesus Christ returns in power and glory.

In Whose incomparable Name we pray, Amen.

-C.T.L. Spear



Dr. Henry Morris wrote about Solomon’s first love, Naamah, mother of his only son, Rehoboam, who was 41 when he became King, succeeding his father. Solomon only reigned 40 years, so he was quite young when he married Naamah, who remained his first love, the one he still loved supremely when, as an old man, he wrote to his son, “Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity…” (Eccl 9:9) He had learned the hard way that “it don’t get no better!” When he was courting Naamah, he said, “Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant…” (Song 1:16)

Morris points out that the Hebrew word for “pleasant” is very similar to her name, Naamah, as though Solomon were calling her by a shortened form of her name as a term of endearment. This same word is occasionally translated “sweet.” Naamah certainly was a sweet, pleasant maiden in her youth, but she also had the endowments to become the Queen, and is a type of the church, as Solomon is a type of Christ. Our Lord’s love for His bride is never failing, despite our faults.

Like Solomon, I’ve grown old and confess that, thank God, my “Sweetie” grows more “pleasant” in spite of my failings. Sharen has endured “many dangers, toils and snares” to remain my dearest companion and best friend on earth. “Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant…” and sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!


By C.T.L. Spear


Some say franks are hot dogs –

like wieners or a sausage.

Some will think of Frankincense…

an aromatic fragrance.

Some point to the Empire

they ruled in Germany;

Others mention Frankfort,

a city in Kentucky.

Some say that they’re too candid;

some say they have no guile…

That they lack proper reticence

and speak their mind in style.

Folks misunderstand them;

think them impudent or brash

But I’ve found them

the best of friends…

More valuable than cash!

(Written in appreciation of my friend LeRoy Frank, and his family)