Dr. & Mrs. Don Margheim

Dr. & Mrs. Don Margheim

Dear Friends of Don & Judy Margheim:

Please review the information below about our faithful friends. I beg you to pray about the need of these diligent servants of the Lord.

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Servant of the Lord

4910 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock, AR 72204


  • Church recovery & replanting team member
  • 30+ years ministry experience
  • Church planting team member, 3 church plants
  • Pastoral staff member, 4 churches

The dilemma: Brother Margheim had a 5 by-pass open-heart surgery in 2015. Although he had Medicare & Humana insurance, the hospital required $1000 to admit him. Relatives helped raise this, but medical bills still remain to be paid, and expensive medications and supplements are needed. He is working a part-time secular job in addition to ministry responsibilities, but this does not begin to alleviate the crisis. Without proper meds, his recovery is in jeopardy.

 The project: The Margheim’s are currently assisting Pastor Guy Kelly in replanting Heritage Baptist Temple, Little Rock, AR. Once a large church with a 1000 seat auditorium and 50-acre property, about 30 were attending when Dr. Kelly became pastor. Shortly before that, former leaders attempted to sell the property to a Muslim group. After a year under Kelly’s guidance, the church averages 100-110 on Sunday mornings. Due to the size of the facility, no funds are available for staff salaries or housing after utilities and regular expenses. Recovery team members have had to obtain outside employment.

The backstory: The Margheim’s sold a business in the Wyoming oil field when they set out for ministry training in the mid-1980’s. Proceeds helped them through Bible College and allowed them to assist others. Ministry has provided minimal income, requiring them to operate a lawn mowing business and other part-time jobs. Mrs. Margheim has survived cancer during these years, but they have cheerfully endured as soul-winning missionaries to America – a most needy mission field!

The need: A one-time gift and/or monthly support will help this dear couple meet this crisis. They have never asked for assistance, but have always helped others. A gift of $4000 would not fully meet the need today. If many would arise to assist, $100 – $200 per month for one to four years, or any part thereof, could bring relief and provide basic health for these productive soul-winners.

The recommendation: As their former pastor, I observed their decision to leave secular business at a mission conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Casper, WY in 1983. I know of none more faithful, worthy of our care, or of greater humility and effectiveness. Do you have mission money available? Invested in these seasoned workers, it will certainly yield Heavenly rewards. –C.T.L. Spear

If you have questions, please email me at hourglass ministries@gmail.com. I will provide your contact information to Brother Margheim or you can use the contact information for him provided above and below.

Gifts and support may be designated payable to Heritage Baptist Temple. Enter Don Margheim on the memo line, and mail to Heritage Baptist Temple, 4910 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock, AR 72204. If you prefer, mail directly to Dr. Don Margheim.

Feel free to contact Pastor Guy Kelly at Heritage for up-to-date information on the Margheim’s health, finances, and current ministry.

Please invite your church family to pray about this need.


C.T.L. Spear, Evangelist